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Equinoctial Gales

Last night winds reached 40mph here in West Sussex, bringing down a thick harvest of leaves. It was a breeze…

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Orion Returns

Look east just before dawn on a clear morning and you'll now be able to see an old friend returning.…

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A Beautiful World

I've just done a brief podcast interview for Heather McElhatton of A Beautiful World. You can hear it here.

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Samuel Pepys and his Moon Compass

From an entry in Samuel Pepys' diary on Saturday 19th August 1665: So to Stanes and there by this time…

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The Pebbles on the Beach

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to listen to me eulogise Clarence Ellis' book, The Pebbles on the Beach,…

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The Colour of Water

The colour of water is determined by: A) What's under it. B) What's in it. C) What's on it. D)…

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The Wayfaring Tree - Viburnum lantana

As its name suggests, the wayfaring-tree (Viburnum lantana) is a sign, if you aren't already aware, that you are on…

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Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

The Perseid meteor shower will peak tonight if clouds allow. Look Northeast. Image credit.

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A Sign of Fresh Air in Dartmoor

My thanks to everyone who came on the natural navigation walk with Emma Cunis (Dartmoor's Daughter) and me on Thursday…

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Be guided by nature
How To Read Water

Find out how to read water

@RupsCregeen It's hard to find good builders. And otter builders are like hen's teeth.
Thank you to everyone who came to my talk on #HowToReadWater with the Serpentine Swimming Club last night. Great cr…
Some websites are claiming Venus will be unusually bright in the west over the next couple of dusks. It will be, bu…
RT @emorwee: Meanwhile in British Columbia, absolutely bonkers footage of a fire tornado stealing a firefighter's water hose (source: https…