The Explorers Club, New York

A huge thank you to everyone who came to my talk at The Explorers Club in Manhattan last night. An…

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Mysterious Silver-Grey Splotches on Water

If you spot strange silver-grey patches on the surface of shallow fresh water, it is a sign that a pigeon…

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Marsh-marigolds and Shallow Water

The Marsh-marigolds are coming into bloom around our pond. They are a little early, April being more typical. Marsh-marigoldsare one…

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Ascoltare l'acqua!

Ascoltare l'acqua! How to Read Water is out in Italy!

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Phototropism and Gravitropism

There is a nice example of gravitropism and phototropism in action in this picture. Gravitropism - The orientation of a…

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Calling All Artists and Writers

Calling All Artists and Writers: You have to check out a place called Joya. Joya is an arts-led field research…

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Snowdrops - Galanthus nivalis

Galanthophiles will have spotted that the snowdrops are out. The ones near me are showing a strong preference for pointing…

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BBC Winter Wonderland

I did a short piece for BBC Inside Out that was broadcast on Monday evening. It can be viewed via…

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Cambridge University Expeditions Society

My thanks to everyone who came to my talk at the Cambridge University Expeditions Society last night. As might be…

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Be guided by nature
RT @HokuleaWWV: Hōkūleʻa is now on her way to the Marquesas. The crew is doing well. Check out……
BBC News - Can a mountain wind really make you ill?
RT @hermanvdc: @NaturalNav I think you have to translate your book to Spanish!
If you can hear water, then it's white water. Water is silent until it mixes with air. #Howtoreadwater 💦
@Kayakwisdom @LeonardLopate hard from surface, but jumping fish on some beaches trigger lifeguards to give the shout